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Some of Our Programs

Canniff and Associates provide a wide range of psychological intervention and assessment services. In addition to individual, couple and family therapy, we offer groups and specialized services, including addiction support, monitoring and school intervention and assessment.
We offer a variety of groups on an as-needed basis, which may include anger management, self-esteem building, teen issues, gender identity issues, depression, grieving and loss, survivors of sexual abuse, social skills development, and  emotional regulation.
School and Educational Programs


Canniff and Associates provides extensive services to students in various educational programs, ranging from psychoeducational assessment and consultation to vocational planning and behavioral interventions.  We also care for many teachers and/or their dependents.

Addictions Recovery Program

Dr. Canniff and Ms. Sehdev have specialized training in addictions intervention, treatment and aftercare services. They provide intervention services, individual therapy and group therapy  for people with a variety of addiction issues. Canniff and Associates maintains positive connections with several leading edge treatment programs throughout North America.  

Employee and Family Assistance Programs


Canniff and Associates has cared for small and large companies and their employees as well as dependents.  We are able to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes and can offer a wide ranges of services ranging from short-term triage to more lengthy assessment and intervention.  We are recognized by most third party insurers and can care for businesses with only a single employee or several hundred.

Monitoring Programs


Canniff and Associates provides ongoing monitoring and evaluation of individual under contract with their College or employer regarding addiction issues or compliance issues.

Go to Resources to access the Chemical Dependency OR Boundaries form.

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